Project Aurora / by Anthony Carpinelli

I wanted to take a moment to spotlight my computer. This isn't meant to be a review of a computer I built, nor is i meant to be bragging about the fact that I built a computer. It is just an excuse to get me writing. I just passed the 3 year anniversary of having this computer, so I feel I should brag about it. It is like a child to me after all. I take care of it and watch it grow and mature.

Why even build a computer?

Throughout under grad and grad school, I'd always used macs. That is what happens when do a lot of photography and layout. As my macbook pro started showing it's age, I looked into buying a mac pro. You know, that giant metal tower. I quickly realised the price was really high for what you got. I then looked at the computer companies out there, and was indifferent to most of the offerings. Then, I thought how hard can it be to just build my own!? I'd always wanted to build one. I found the parts I'd wanted, starting with ones that wouldn'tget outdated, and just started purchasing parts as I had money and found them on sale. A case I liked, power supply, a harddrive, DVD burner.... Then, black Friday I found the remaining pieces on sales, and jumped on them all. Motherboard. Video card. RAM. I had all the parts I needed early December, and set to work.

I had a few reasons to build a computer:

  1. Photo editing. Photo editing is a computer intensive activity. You can do it on slower computers, but the programs will crawl and are more likely to crash.
  2. Video games. I was a gamer growing up. I had all the consoles from the Atari 2600 to the wii/xbox 360/ps3. I realised that building a PC was probably the better way to go. A lot of the games I wanted were split between the ps3 and 360 but most were available on PC. So, since I was going to build one anyway, I might as well game on it as well.
  3. Explore a new hobby/check a bucket list item. I had daydreamed for years about building a computer. I had pieces of the skill set, but never a complete picture. Now I do. 

But the build was hard, right?

I am constantly fascinated by the amount of knowledge the internet can bestow on us. I literally just watched a 10 minute youtube video on how to assemble the parts. The hardest part in my mind was overcoming the fear of thinking I'd break expensive fragile electronics. I did recruit help of my uncle who builds a lot of computers because I thought I was going to break the CPU. What I realized later was that I'd been practicing for years. I got this practice by just taking care of systems I'd already had. In my mind it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

What's the current system stats?

  • CPU: Core i5 3.6 ghz
  • Video Cards: 2 Nvidia Geforce 660TI
  • Harddrives:
    • 120 GB SSD
    • 1 TB HHD
    • 640 gig HHD
  • RAM: 32 Gig Corsair Vengance
  • Optic Drives:
    • LG Blu-Ray Burner
    • Sony DVD Burner
  • Monitors:
    • 27 inch HP
    • 24 inch Dell
  • Operating System: Windows 10 x64